A salon exclusive brand handled by the beauty salon “RILLEE-ON”, which is attracting attention in the industry.
Based on the concept of "Evidence-based Products",

Based on the latest evidence, in order to achieve high efficacy,
We develop products jointly with medical companies.

Origin of the name REMELU

ME=ME (me, myself)

Reborn with the best experience = Evidence-based ingredient combination

In order to develop products that value such essence
REMELU was born.

Of course, visiting the salon for beauty treatments is an important care,
Daily care is the most important.

That's why we developed home care products that protect your skin and body from daily damage.
The first product, Advanced Perfect Serum, and the second product, Active Melon, have been very well received.
Until now, because it was a salon exclusive product,
I couldn't buy it without coming to Lilyon.

Based on evidence,
Because it is a product that we can recommend with confidence,
I hope that more people will use it in the future.
Started online sales.

Based on the concept of evidence base,
We will continue to make things in a style that does not sell unless we can make a really good product.

The pace of product development may be slow, but
Thank you for your continued support of Remil.